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Nature Quiz

True or False:

1. Every winter Eastern Monarch butterflies migrate to Costa Rica.

2. When different species of animals benefit each other, it is called mutualism.

3. The American Kestral is also called a sparrow hawk.

4. Former Vice President Al Gore is responsible for starting the annual celebration of nature called “Earth Day”.

5. The rain forests of the tropics are also called the “Boreal Forest”.

6. Dogs can detect the smell of 1 teaspoon of sugar in one million gallons of water.

7. Nutria is an invasive species of rodent that has become common in US marshes and wetlands.

8. The Orvis Company, famous for fly fishing equipment and other amenities, is headquartered on the McKensie River in Vermont.

9. Biologist Rachel Carson changed the world with her best-selling book, Silent Spring.

10. The insecticide DDT almost caused extinction of the bald eagle by softening the bird’s eggshells.



1. F (they migrate to Mexico)

2. T

3. T

4. F (It was Senator Gaylord Nelson)

5. F (The Boreal Forest is in the Northern Hemisphere)

6. T

7. T

8. F (Orvis is located on the Battenkill River)

9. T

10. T

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